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Butch talk getting louder, but we'll just have to wait a bit longer...

NCAA Football | Susan Miller Degnan Eye on the U

So, the Butch talk is getting louder -- and more coaching vacancies are out there, as former UM quarterback Mark Richt was fired today from Georgia. Will update as more is clear.

Chicago Bears Playoff Hopes Just Got A Huge Jolt

NFL | Erik Lambert Sports Mockery

Chicago Bears Playoff Hopes Just Got A Huge Jolt Welcome! At the same time it put the Minnesota Vikings back in control of the NFC North. It is the Falcons fourth-straight loss.

Why Knick doesn’t believe Kobe Bryant will actually quit

NBA | Howie Kussoy New York Post

Hell be bored with retirement, so he might come back, Vujacic said following the Knicks 116-111 overtime loss to the Rockets on Sunday night. Hell be missed. Hes a true champion.

Maple Leafs Prospect Update: Mitch Marner will be a Maple Leaf

NHL | elseldo Pension Plan Puppets

It was a slow week for the prospects, after opening the year dazzling us with big point totals, the players seem to be pacing themselves. Let's see the results of the past week.