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Noah Syndergaard: Why I lied about my elbow

Noah Syndergaard finally conceded Wednesday he had lied earlier in the week about not having a bone spur in his elbow. Sometimes I have to reduce my workload a little bit.

Who has the best chance at winning the Steven Stamkos sweepstakes?

Stamkos, 26, is set to become one of the best players to ever hit unrestricted free agency on Friday at noon. Hell certainly be the best to do so at such a young age. Yes.

Giants coach can't tell Odell Beckham Jr. and rookie Sterling Shepard apart

New York defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo can't tell the difference. ET The Giants this offseason have been the recipients of both good and bad news. All rights reserved.

Miami Hurricanes Football 2016 Player Profile: Demetrius Jackson

But this kid is far, far too talented to not see much more game action in 2016. His freakish athleticism should fit in nicely with Coach Manny Diaz' attacking scheme.