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Kevin Garnett’s memorable advice to Kristaps Porzingis

NBA | Marc Berman New York Post

ORLANDO So who gave an important pep talk to 7-3 Latvian rookie Kristaps Porzingis in July after Knicks fans booed their selection at No. 4? KG as in Kevin Garnett.

Drew Brees? Peyton Manning? Colin Kaepernick? Jets quarterback options for 2016


That never happens, does it? The Jets are hardly alone in their endless quest to find a franchise quarterback. Most of the league is frequently in the same situation. Alas.

Welcome to the U, Desmond Phillips

NCAA Football | Cameron J. Underwood State of the U

Early on Wednesday, Miami got some good news on the recruiting front. He's a legit 4.4 kid uses his athletic gifts well on the field. That speed translates to the field.

A Knight's Tale

NHL | Paul Hendrick  - Leafs TV's Paul Hendrick Toronto Maple Leafs

The path to the National Hockey League from Kingston, Ont. is a road well travelled and Toronto Maple Leaf defenceman Scott Harrington is one of many to have made the journey.