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Which lineups are working best (and worst) so far for the Knicks?

NBA | MattRW Posting and Toasting

Going into this season, the general consensus was that the Knicks would not be a very good team, but I don't think many people were expecting New York to be 3-10 after 13 games.

Thank Marty St. Louis for demanding a trade

NHL | Tampa Bay Times

TAMPA Marty St. Louis will make his anticipated return to Amalie Arena on Wednesday night. But what should they also do? Thank him. Stay with me now. None of that is forgotten.  
FLASHBACK: Raiders celebration was bad, this one was way worse

NFL | John Eye on Football

Raiders linebacker Sio Moore came close to making one of the most boneheaded plays in NFL history on Thursday during Oakland's 24-20 win over the Chiefs.

Maryland basketball 'is a top-25 team,' Fordham coach says

NCAA Basketball | Matt Zenitz Tracking the Terps

A couple guys graduated I think. I just think the young guys who are here, especially Trimble, hes good. Hes really good. Youve got stretch 4s. Youve got length.