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  • Top 3 things I hate about the gym: (1) people staring in the locker room; (2) guys with cut off sleeves (3) people grunting while lifting.
  • The new Planet of the Apes is actually really good. And Alan Moore might be one of the best writers of all-time.
  • As long as Steve Bisciotti owns the ravens, the ravens will be my favorite team in the NFL.
  • As long as there's a city of New Orleans, the New Orleans saints will be my favorite team in the NFC.
  • 1st time listening to James Blake. "Retrograde" has to be on of the best songs of the decade. Especially, since he does everything himself.
  • If you've ever been told you have bad breath in your life-- please floss. It works; it's just as important as brushing.
  • With all due respect... I really don't like giving advice but I think what I'm about to say is critical, to you and your loved ones.

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