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  • That's certainly one way to end a season! #BreakingBadSeason3 I can't wait for Season 4...but for now...sleep!
  • @TylerKepner I was excited through the first 3 seasons...but that last episode makes me want to pull #BreakingBadMarathon all nighter!
  • Plus, the genius cinematography of the final shot! A low angle shot, moving the camera to a close-up of Walt's face! "Run!" It's pure power!
  • Seriously! I can't get over it! I just watched it over again! That could be the best, most shocking & intense episode ending ever...EVER!
  • @trenni I don't think you need kids to enjoy. I thought it was the time and effort by all involved...Above and beyond!
  • Finally watching Breaking Bad via Netflix. Currently into Season 3...and holy f**k what an ending to episode 12!!!!!! ???? "RUN!"
  • Boyhood!? MT: @trenni: I really hope the win for Birdman at the #SAGAwards is a nod toward which film will take home the Oscar...
  • . @the_edge #NameYourJunkAfterABand White Zombie...Tool...Toad The Wet Sproket...Thousand Foot Krutch... Mushroomhead...**** Surfers!
  • Conversations with a 2 year old: Me- Stop picking your nose! 2YO- But me burgers! (Meaning boogers) Me- I love burgers! 2YO- (confused look)
  • Hey @TheJK_Kid ...Why do you always favorite my tweets instead of retweeting them? Do I embarrass you? Would I bring shame to your timeline?
  • At rose ceremony: Bachelor - "Ashley, will you accept this rose? A - "Yes!" B - "Just kidding! Get the f**k outta here!" Just once...please!
  • "I want my 10 minute date! Where are my 10 minutes? I want it! You had 10 minutes...what about me? ????????????????????????????????????????" - girls on #TheBachelor
  • I'm sorry, I thought I was watching #TheBachelor. This is sad...Like really, really, really sad! I actually feel truly sorry for this woman!

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