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  • Can a one-loss #NotreDame team still be in the playoff conversation when it matters, in December? NDI analysis:
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  • RT @footballzebras: If you point to an NFL rule that says spinning the ball is a foul, I will shut this account down
  • Just had an idea for a reality show where I’ll fund your **** start-up idea if you can raise 3 kids for 5 days straight w/o incident.
  • Nothing in life is funnier than very smart, young people who think they’ve got parenting figured out before trying it.
  • Don’t usually cross the streams on my Twitter accounts, but fellow parents, see the hilarious comments here by geeks
  • NEBRASKA LOST TO ILLINOIS? What’s more shocking to me is that this wasn’t big enough news to hit my radar until now.
  • ⚾️ And it's GONE! @NDBaseball alum A.J. Pollock hits his 20th home run of the season for the @Dbacks #445ft
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  • Coming up next on @SiriusXMCollege, the great @LarryWilliamsTI joins us to talk about Clemson's win against Notre Dame.
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  • As we begin a new season of Homeland, time once again to suspend disbelief that Carrie wasn't fired about 5 times by now.
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  • Were I a Clemson fan, I’d be pissed the narrative is “Kelly screwed up,” and not “Dabo came out swinging in the big fight."
  • If he had an Apple Watch, the Health Kit apps would all be triggering at this moment. Love it, though. I do.
  • #killAllHipsters
  • The new FOX Four has a new No. 1. I think it's also telling that 11 different teams got Top 4 votes.
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  • ?ND vs Navy It's a rivalry built on respect Hear the story with Onward Notre Dame ?Premiere 10/5 ?6:30 pm | NBCSN
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  • #NotreDame v. #Clemson - Shamrock Stickers -
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  • Back at Notre Dame High School for their first Sports & Business Conference.
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