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  • “punching spree after dress code dispute” is a fun selection of words in a row
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  • Our affiliate partners at Fanatics have just got in new #14 #NotreDame jerseys!
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  • Exit Interview HR: “So why did you decide to leave?” Me: “Because someone KEEPS MICROWAVING FISH IN THE OFFICE."
  • I’ll bet this is **** with Spurrier’s tee times this week.
  • Knowing what team rules will usually just get you sitting out a half, WHAT RULE DID THIS DUDE BREAK?
  • According to the release, not determined yet.
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  • Mailbag: Should the SEC be concerned about no Top 5 team right now?
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  • Lotta SC fans probably too busy with recover efforts to make a trip to LSU.
  • Will be very curious to see attendance at the LSU/SC game.
  • #NotreDame Football Live Chat is coming up at noon EDT at and #nozumbazone #Savage
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