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  • Found out about the Ishaq ruling just as I discovered all we had for my cheesesteak was low fat "Mexican" "cheese," so I'm in a mood.
  • Man, they're just kids. This dude makes Rudy seem quaint.
  • Ishaq Williams Won't Play for #NotreDame in '15 - - latest update from
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  • RT @ISDUpdate: Captain Matthias Farley on Notre Dame: "I freakin' love this place."
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  • If only he'd been charged with assaulting someone.
  • NCAA denies Ishaq Williams eligibility. Two years lost now. Notre Dame is fine with him, organization that's cool with joke majors isn't.
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  • #8 potential for encounter with armed police drones.
  • Williams will not be able to practice with the team. He is attending classes on track for his degree.
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  • #NotreDame coach Brian Kelly said Ishaq Williams' petition to the NCAA has been denied and will not compete for the Irish this year.
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  • RT @CoachBrianKelly: They build our culture with their effort & leadership. Meet our Captains: Nick, Matthias, Joe, Jaylon & Sheldon. http…
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