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  • Must feel like a punch in the nuts.
  • #NotreDame checks in at No. 9 in AP "No Sponsor" Poll. Good spot for Peach /Fiesta Bowl berth if CFP mimics rating:
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  • Weird how I said this and people told me I don't watch enough football or something.
  • Rutgers is currently posting something on Facebook about how they are FINALLY done with jerks and will only spend time w/real men now.
  • Rutgers is said to be hiring some guy their cousin knows. Hey, who knows? Could work. Same cousin got me a great deal on carpet.
  • 6pts from undefeated. 14 missing starters. #BrianKellyCOTY
  • Hey, it's Race for Urban Part Deux
  • Wow. Richt out. I don't disagree, but I don't envy Georgia either.
  • He got 15 years w/o playing for a national title, 10 years since last SEC title. Risky, but hardly a hasty removal.
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  • #NotreDame comes in at 10th in Amway "Start Your Own Business Today" coaches poll:
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