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  • PAST PRIME TIME | @loucityfc weathers long delay, altitude and injuries in 1-1 draw at Colorado Springs.
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  • FINAL | Could have been better, but a hard-earned point tonight for @loucityfc, given the turnaround, travel, delays, altitude, injuries, etc. LouCity FC 1-1 Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC. LouCity will head back at 6:30 AM mountain time with a 5-point first-place cushion.
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  • UGH | Colorado goal, Ngalina in the 88th minute, ties @loucityfc at 1-1. We'll see if the Boys in Purple can turn the tables on the Switchbacks. Dealing with a late start, delays and altitude.
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  • GOAL | @loucityfc strikes in the 74th minute -- Antoine Hoppenot of a cross from Jonathan Gomez, who took a pass from Jorge Gonzalez in the middle of the box. He's the 11th LouCity player to score a goal this season. LouCity up 1-0 in Colorado Springs.
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  • CRAWFORD | Right message, right time: 'Ted Lasso' wins over skeptics with heart via WDRB
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  • Funny, no NCAA administrators are calling for a “national standard” or government regulation of conference realignment. They just want to regulate the athletes’ money. How transparent can you be?!
    Sources: The ACC and other leagues have made inquiries — through back channels — to Oklahoma and Texas. The schools are still expected to start the process of joining the SEC next week. The Texas and OU backchannel communication to the SEC has been going on for more than a year.
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  • Of course, it’s not about money, but “student athlete welfare.” This is, and always has been, pro sports.
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  • RT @powercheckball: “I don’t know, that’s what the NCAA says.” - Paul Hewitt talks about recruiting former MLB star, Austin Jackson, to play basketball for @GTMBB and the NCAA’s different regulations for basketball and baseball players.
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  • You’ will soon be able to collect trading cards of your favorite college athletes, the latest offshoot of the NCAA’s milestone decision to allow athletes to monetize their fame without compromising their eligibility. by @arniestapleton
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  • Development …
    An update to the update: 4 of 7 @JCPSKY board members support universal masking for the 2021-22 school year. @JamesDeVille is the latest to voice his support for universal indoor masking inside schools ahead of Tuesday vote: (via @WDRBNews)
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  • Well, that was quick ...
    Texas & Oklahoma will notify Big 12 next week of intention to leave the league, sources told @Stadium. “The feeling is they’ll then notify (the SEC) next week (to officially apply for SEC’s league membership),” source said
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  • Layden Blocker was impressive for @bradbealelite this afternoon. 19 points, four boards, three dimes, and two steals. Kentucky ++, Texas A&M’s Buzz Williams +, Louisville’s Chris Mack with 👀. Top-25 rising junior.
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  • Time for @JeffBrohm at #B1GMediaDays. Starts by saying, “I really feel like we’re close.”
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