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  • Sitting at the NBA Draft desk for five hours without a trip to the restroom. Gold Medalist here… #wingspan
    Name something that 𝙞𝙨𝙣'𝙩 an Olympic sport, but 𝙛𝙚𝙚𝙡𝙨 like an Olympic sport 🤔
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  • And, nobody is asking Congress to get involved. Nobody is asking for a “national standard.” Why? Because it’s their money, not the players’ money, at issue. And, it’s a double standard.
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  • You ain’t gotta like me, just respect my mind. And, this how I’m eatin’ now, so respect my grind. I gotta go to work.
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  • Funny, no NCAA administrators are calling for a “national standard” or government regulation of conference realignment. They just want to regulate the athletes’ money. How transparent can you be?!
    Sources: The ACC and other leagues have made inquiries — through back channels — to Oklahoma and Texas. The schools are still expected to start the process of joining the SEC next week. The Texas and OU backchannel communication to the SEC has been going on for more than a year.
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  • Of course, it’s not about money, but “student athlete welfare.” This is, and always has been, pro sports.
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  • RT @powercheckball: “I don’t know, that’s what the NCAA says.” - Paul Hewitt talks about recruiting former MLB star, Austin Jackson, to play basketball for @GTMBB and the NCAA’s different regulations for basketball and baseball players.
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  • RT @jakeweingarten: VCU’s Nah-Shon ‘Bones’ Hyland is one prospect who has been rising tons of draft boards with the NBA draft just one week away. Today, he hit 40/44 three-pointers in two minutes to cap off a workout. Another very impressive feat for the potential first-rounder.
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  • She wants to buy new shoes and a new bag. She can call her home girls up, straight brag. I gotta go to work.
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  • RT @JRSportBrief: Is the NFL right to pressure players to be vaccinated? Is the SEC about to destroy college football, who's best in the NFC East, and are the Rams overhyped with the addition of Stafford??? Tune in tonight, I got you! @CBSSportsRadio
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  • Funny, no federal legislation was necessary for coach salaries, media rights deals, facilities spending, apparel deals, commissioner pay, or any other aspect of the industry. Yet, “fair competition” only applies to athletes. What nonsense.
    Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren says NIL "needs federal legislation."
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  • RT @Coaches_Clinic: International Basketball is Known for Excellent Offense --spacing, ball movement and player movement -- and timing Zone Defense is starting to become more prevelant @lukabassin shows Zone O Sets from Sarunas Jasikevicius, Pablo Laso, Igor Kokoškov, Aleksandar Djordjević & MORE
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  • VCU men’s basketball coach Mike Rhoades has signed a two-year contract extension that will keep him on the Rams’ sideline through the 2026-27 season.
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  • Sign me up.
    Bart Torvik 2022 A10 projections: 20. Bona 43. Richmond 68. Saint Louis 70. VCU 89. Rhode Island 108. UMass 111. Dayton 125. Davidson 147. Duquesne 151. George Mason 207. Saint Joe’s 211. La Salle 239. GW 274. Fordham
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