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  • Not down on Jalen. I'm still on the fence. He's a great talent but the defense plays lights out vs. Colts and collapses the next week. That's a problem and I am not sure why it is happening and whether Jalen is part of the problem or part of the solution. Something is not right.
    @vitostellino Your down on Jalen, but you make a good point to an extent. The Jags would have lost to the Colts without Jalen so this is not an apples to apples discussion. #Jaguars
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  • It was great theater and the fans (if Chargers have fans) loved it, but not sure it was wise decision.
    @vitostellino Could make the case that they rode that momentum right into the two point conversion. I took it as Lynn reading the game and his players rather than an analytics-based decision. Not sure where I stand, but I’ll say it has made the game even more fascinating.
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  • Good point. You have him for a $3.6 M base in 2019 even before you have to decide to whether to pick up 5th year option in 2020 or give him long term deal. Granted, he will be underpaid in 2019 but that is the system the players agreed to. Veterans were unhappy about (more)
    @da_dyno @vitostellino It really doesn't matter because the market today wont be the matket in five years so either way he's gonna want more money. If we sign him now he'll just want to renegotiate and hold out.
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  • I agree but fans seem to like the drama of putting the game on one play. Another factor I would have considered is Chargers had Big Mo coming back from 28-14.
    @vitostellino If the success of the play is 50/50, then what's not doing it? The coin flip is 50/50. But if you lose the flip, you have a full field to stop them on. And if they don't get a TD, you have the chance to tie or win. I'd rather have more chances to affect the outcome than 1 play.
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  • “That’s the goal. I would love to play center in Denver for the rest of my career or just play here. I loved playing next to Matt, but he’ll be a highly-paid, hot commodity when they start free agency." #Broncos
    Broncos Journal: Connor McGovern has three games to show he can be option at center in 2019: https://t.co/J4p4rkHFmu
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  • There is an old saying that there are old coaches and bold coaches but no old, bold coaches.
    @vitostellino I didn't like it till they made it.
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  • If Jalen wants to holdout, that is his choice. They're 4-9 with him. How much worse would they be without him? Reminds me when Ralph Kiner led league in homers for last place Pirates in 1950s and Branch Richey said to him, "We can finish last without you."
    @vitostellino Vito...I present you.....Le'veon Bell. Thank you your honor.....I rest my case. Pay him the...... https://t.co/Erm4G8DsZn
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  • Great story on the life of a Madden Ratings Adjuster by @mikerothstein, including the story of Leonard Fournette trying to personally improve his rating https://t.co/ofmIzH3Bqm
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  • Jaguars K Josh Lambo (groin) is questionable for Sunday's game against Washington. The team signed Kai Forbath on Friday as insurance and placed rookie LB Leon Jacobs (quad) on injured reserve. Forbath played with Minnesota last season and made 32-of-38... https://t.co/JXXevNtH21
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  • Jaguars RT Jermey Parnell (knee) is out for Sunday's game against Washington. The Jaguars will be adding OT Josh Wells to the active roster today later today and he would start in place of Parnell, which would leave RG A.J. Cann as the team's only... https://t.co/bR0vr6yo5W
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  • K Josh Lambo is listed as QUESTIONABLE for Sunday's game. @FarahandFarah | #DUUUVAL
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  • Lambo and McCray are questionable. Parnell, Chark and Walker are out. #Jaguars
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  • We have signed K @KaiForbath to our 53-man active roster. To make room on the roster, we have placed rookie LB Leon Jacobs (quadricep) on our reserve/injured list.
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  • Normally I’d agree. But this is Jalen we’re talking about. This is his team. He is the first superstar this team has had in a long time. Secure him for as long as you can as early as you can.
    What is the rush? They can pick up his fifth year option in 2020. That is the way the CBA works. Teams have all the leverage til 6th season. And 4-9 teams don't tend to give you big extensions before they have to. https://t.co/2H9PKnXY0a
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  • Jaguars sign Kai Forbath https://t.co/3fKD8HL3ym
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  • What is the rush? They can pick up his fifth year option in 2020. That is the way the CBA works. Teams have all the leverage til 6th season. And 4-9 teams don't tend to give you big extensions before they have to.
    Jalen Ramsey wants to be paid like the best cornerback in the league because he is the best cornerback in the league. Shocking development. https://t.co/PipukezmpP
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