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  • RT @JoelOsteen: Your story doesn’t end with what you lost: a dream that didn’t work out, a relationship that didn’t make it, a business that went down. Favor is coming like you’ve never seen. God is about to do something unusual, something uncommon that catapults you to a new level.
  • RT @JoelOsteen: Too often, we don’t realize who we are. We let doubt & negative voices convince us that we’re limited. Get rid of those limiting thoughts. You and God are a majority. Step out and get ready to see new levels, new friendships, new opportunities, new talents, new victories.
  • RT @bymrkoa: My main Twitter account has been suspended indefinitely due to creating videos with music from years ago.. But maybe it was a sign for a new start now that I'm in Los Angeles.. If you come across this tweet and you appreciate what I do.. Feel free to retweet and let's connect.❔

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