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  • Worked with the defense? Our defense been broken as hell all year keep that man away
    There’s a strong possibility of significant changes to Dan Quinn‘s #Falcons staff, including replacing OC Steve Sarkisian. One name to keep in mind: ex-#Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell, who actually spent a few weeks in camp working with Atlanta‘s defense.
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  • Recommended reading: “Salt Peanuts.” A novel by ex agent Brian David about a Cuban ballplayer who defects to America and confronts homesickness, prejudice, relationships with agents, women, teammates, etc. ... an insider’s look at the fascinating U.S-Cuba history
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  • Pretty much this. The Braves have oodles of really intriguing guys who have significant time at Triple-A. There isn't a need to find guys that can start, but upgrades should at least get a looksy.
    @leprekhan I think SP is one of those wants where we should only make a run for one if we can get a top of the rotation guy...otherwise just ride with what we have
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  • I love CJ, but he was just drafted this past year. I don't necessarily think the Braves are thinking "I don't want anyone, including Austin Riley, blocking CJ Alexander" or similar thoughts.
    @leprekhan Could they also be buying into the CJ Alexander hype, too?
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  • I think that the Braves have more money that DOB is putting out there but are not looking to spend boatloads of monies. I don't see starting pitcher as a need, but a want. I don't think its hard to fill the other two needs with what monies I think are available.
    @leprekhan Let's say DOB is right about the money the Braves have left to spend. How could the possibly address all of their needs (OF, starter, bullpen) with that little cash?
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  • Is it time to resign Markakis via /r/Braves
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  • All 3 are different with Jenista being a more advanced bat that could move quickly. Waters might have the highest upside in the minors for the Braves period. Contreras has a ton of value as a catching prospect, but catcher has a pretty high fail rate amongst prospects.
    @leprekhan Drew Waters, William Contreras and Grayson Jenista all have been lights out for the Rome Braves. Do those three all have high upside and who is the best?
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  • I’ve got the Amazon Peanut Butter Sandwich Bowl
    You can't have a bowl game without a great name. What's yours called?
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  • Somewhere in the middle probably. Really impossible to say because we don't know what the draft will hold as well as whether or not the Braves make any moves at the trade deadline.
    For curiosity sake, assuming riley is traded for realmuto, or another need. Once some of our pitching prospects graduate by seasons end; soroka, gohara, wright, toussaint. Where do you see our farm system ranking? @baldheaded1der @WalkOffWalk1 @leprekhan @scottcoleman55
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  • Adell isnt going to help the Braves in 2019 (at least its highly unlikely). I love the guy, but that doesn't really seem like the type of move that the Braves are going to be interested in right now even if I would love it if he was in the org.
    @leprekhan What about Adell? Angels need pitching.
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  • I loved him as a prospect and I am tempted, but I can't really ignore that his track record in the majors has been spotty. Could be an interesting buy low candidate if the Braves see an easy to make adjustment.
    @leprekhan Whatchu got on my Nomar Mazara, homie?
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  • Happy birthday to @Braves outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr., who turns 21 today. Last season, the NL Rookie of the Year became the youngest player ever to homer in five straight games. He also hit eight leadoff home runs, becoming the youngest player in MLB history to hit that many.
  • RT @Kris_Willis: Michael Brantley is off the board. What outfield options remain for the Atlanta Braves?
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  • I don't think the Braves and Pirates payrolls are going to be that similar tbh. The Braves will outspend them by $30 million easily which is no joke.
    @leprekhan are the Braves just the Pirates 2.0? Have a contention window open up but squander that chance because ownership won't spend money?
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  • Michael Brantley is off the board. What outfield options remain for the Atlanta Braves?
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  • We had a lot of good questions and some decent answers, though the Brantley thing went down soon thereafter. But lot of good back and forth. Check it out.
    Did you miss @DOBrienATL's Live Q&A about the Braves' offseason?
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