• RT @DiBiaseLOE: The NFL has a SERIOUS referee problem in 2019 and it is making the product almost unwatchable Action needs to be taken immediately and the Lions getting robbed of a win by the officials Monday night put this catastrophic issue on full display
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  • Booger McFarland was absolutely tremendous tonight in the fourth quarter. It's also good for ESPN and the NFL in the longterm. You want the people airing your product to be honest. MNF viewers had to suffer for years with analysts who saw everything via NFL-colored glasses.
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  • Absolutely. If I’m the owner of the #Lions, I tell Patricia he has a blank check to cover the fine.
    If I’m Matt Patricia I’m getting fined for ALL the comments after this shitshow. Owner should have his back and pick up the tab. This is total BS. It’s a joke. Embarrassment.
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  • RT @AllbrightNFL: No one tunes in to watch the guys in black and white stripes. There is no award show at the end of the season called the "Flaggies" for most penalties called. You're a ref, you're there to ensure the integrity of the game, not pick the winner.
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  • I am not a fan of this #MNF booth but good on Booger for ripping that call. The #NFL toes the line yet again. This latest brutal call will kick the hot take machine into hyperdrive and the ratings and checks keep coming in, but the integrity of your officiating is in the toliet.
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  • Oh man. Why can’t #NFL refs get out of their own way? Lions fans have every right to be pissed.
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