• The Yankees have refused to grasp this concept. The have zero starting rotation depth, no ace, their timely hitting has disappeared and the bullpen they love so much will be gassed pretty soon.
    Go tell the Nats and Astros that bullpen is #1 in October..........go tell them. Starting pitching ace on that staff....timely hitting....bullpen. Those are the keys in October going all the way IN ORDER. But I know nothing about baseball so.
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  • Wow. They lose Bryce Harper in the offseason, fall 12 games below .500 during the regular season and are now in the World Series SUCH an underrated sports story. Cant wait to see ESPN talk about it for 40 seconds tomorrow before 90 minutes of Cowboys vs Eagles mid week previews
    The @Nationals are the 4th team in @MLB history to reach the World Series after being at least 12 games below .500 during the regular season. Only the 1914 Braves won the title. (h/t @EliasSports)
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  • I love me some Buffalo Bills, but I'm having a hard time giving anyone 16-17 points. Even Miami.
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  • This is a terrific read from Dave. Make sure to carve out some time for it.
    New story: Six days, two games and whole lot of uncertainty caused by one deleted tweet. A trip to China with LeBron, the Lakers and the NBA
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  • Good news for us
    Am told Brian Flores definitely will be back next year as Dolphins coach. From a source at NFL meetings.
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  • RT @andrewperloff: "It might be Buffalo." - Tony Dungy when asked who the second best team in the AFC is (@dpshow)
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