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  • I think the big thing to watch for Dallas is, how many defenders are worth getting truly excited about vs. how likely is it that you can actually trade down obviously, this is all assuming they have a high pick. which who knows. I guess that’s the problem with Dec draft talk 😂
    @HelmanDC What do you think is the FO’s direction? Because that seems like a play-the-middle pick I don’t see it increasing your win now chances at a super bowl and it’s a pick for the future but it’s also best player available and you’re not moving your other talented players
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  • I’ve already said many times that I don’t love the idea of drafting an OT in the first round, but I don’t agree with this at all. you could play the rookie at guard. he could spend a year at swing tackle. you could trade a vet. you draft a first rounder for five years, not one.
    @HelmanDC the only way we can logically draft Sewell is if Tyron Smith retires
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  • Somehow, I am already bored of the current talking points at the top of the 2020 draft. It is December 3. this year more than any other, I think we’re going to be playing catch up to the actual scouting community as far as the pecking order. should be fun.
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  • they just drafted a WR despite having two really good ones. if an OT - Sewell or otherwise - is the best player available when they pick, I feel pretty confident they’d do it
    @HelmanDC I have a draft question for you. Assuming the cowboys draft number 3 overall and the first two picks are quarterbacks what are the chances that they take the tackle from Oregon??
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  • Amari Cooper is quietly on pace to reach a milestone only two other Cowboys have accomplished | @KristiCowboy | #CowboysNation
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  • RT @RexChapman: This is powerful. Here is Manitoba (Canada) Premier Brian Pallister telling residents to stay apart over the holidays - but also issued a tearful and emotional warning: "If you don't think COVID is real, right now, you are an idiot."
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