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  • Are there any events in the Bay Area coming up for Government workers that need a extra hand from me?? Please let me know ‼️
  • SF should dangle their 2020 first rounder. They can hit on this 2019 draft class and win 9 games next season. Antonio Brown’s immediate impact > worth more than a late first round pick
    It sounds like the Steelers aren't getting the offers they expected to get for Antonio Brown.
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  • RT @EarlMitchell90: I’m very thankful for my time with the Niners. I put my heart and soul into this game so as always, I’m thankful for every opportunity. Good luck to all of my brothers especially in the d-line room.
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  • Kyle Shanahan on South Carolina WR Deebo Samuel to pool reporter after today’s Senior Bowl practice: “He's a big guy. You can see it. He's got some power to his game. I'm excited to watch the tape and see how physical he is."
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  • 49ers, who haven't won much on the field in recent years, secure a huge financial victory away from the gridiron
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  • #SlipperyRock RB Wes Hills mentioned after Tuesday’s @seniorbowl practice that he knew he needed to play better. Based on @mattbarrows pool report from Wednesday’s South practice, it sounds like he did. Barrows highlighted him as the RB that shined the most.
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