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  • Here are the last 10 playoff brackets under the NFL's new proposal
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  • RT @byAlistairCorp: Russell Wilson throws a great ball up the seam, and Greg Olsen is dangerous running vertical from tight end--fantastic at knowing when to continue downfield and when to find space between two defenders. It's going to be a really good partnership
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  • Marshawn Lynch in the new Westworld trailer πŸ‘€
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  • What's the number and where could Clowney land if he doesn't stay with the Seahawks... "It's well over 40 Million guaranteed for Clowney. It's an interesting case study. The sack numbers won't wow you, there's still tremendous upside." - @JasonLaCanfora
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  • Another trip down memory lane -- Lofa Tatupu's three interceptions to give the '07 Seahawks the win in Philadelphia. Daryl Johnston on the FOX broadcast: "I mean the guy must be invisible. I mean he has to be invisible to AJ Feeley." 😭😭
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  • RT @NFLDraftBites: Text from League Executive on current CBA Negotiation... β€œAt this point only 2 people could screw up an agreement. Richard Sherman & Russell Okung. Everyone involved recognizes Owners have the leverage and are winning the negotiation. Okung & Richard are the most vocal.”
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