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    Stop messing around with Elena Delle Donne. You know a champion & MVP wants to compete & wouldn’t make a request to opt out if she didn’t have legitimate health concerns/risks. When so much remains unknown about this coronavirus, the WNBA needs to do right by her & protect her
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  • RT @SimuLiu: 2020 is the worst. It just is. So if you’re reading this, let’s just agree that we won’t add to the heaping pile of s**t that this year has been. Let’s just not. Be kind to the people who look and think different, and love each other. That’s all.
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  • Kyle Lowry has been a big contributor to the NBA's return to the court as part of the players' association restart group. He strongly believes it will work.
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  • John C. Reilly
    Which CHARACTER actor or actress always makes you happy to see them every time they pop up in a movie or TV show?
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  • I saw my man @PaulBromby post this. It may be the toughest of these I've seen. You can only pick 3. So many difficult omissions! I feel like there are only 4 I wouldn't (personally) consider -- and they're still outstanding! Geeez..... I'm going: 7-6-2. 😬 What a list!
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  • RT @evankaosmak: I'm a stage 2 clinger.
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