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  • Chase Anderson would’ve gone back out for the fifth inning last night if not for a twinge in his triceps, Joe Girardi said. Anderson is OK, on track to start Tuesday vs. Dodgers, according to Girardi.
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  • Hearing rumblings out of Barcelona
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  • Ben Simmons is apparently angry at the Sixers according to reports. Why? The @MikeMiss25 Show will discuss that, the Phillies winning streak and are the Watson/Eagles rumors real? @Tim_McManus joins the show at 4:30!
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  • Translation: "I'm saying it's personal and private because otherwise I'd have to tell you that I'm saying no simply because the government and other people are telling me I should get it. I stupidly believe I'm righteous and there's honor in being contrary for no goddamn reason."
    Cousins said he has thought about surrounding himself with plexiglass in the QB room. He was asked why he would go to such lengths when a vaccine would be far more effective and efficient. He said the decision is personal and private.
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  • Just a day off for Jean Segura, according to Joe Girardi, after five games in a row to help him manage some knee soreness.
    One more in D.C., as #Phillies go for four-game sweep, 4:05 p.m. (NBCSP/MLBN/94WIP): Jankowski 8 Realmuto 2 Harper 9 Hoskins 3 Gregorius 6 Bohm 5 Herrera 7 Torreyes 4 Nola 1
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  • Still think the Mets are favored despite their best attempts to punt the division away. My confidence in that is low, though with the Braves finally winning back to back games and getting better plus the Phillies playing well.
    @leprekhan Who wins the NL East and why?
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  • RT @jaysonst: "He spent his entire adult lifetime working in the booing capital of the world – yet he acted like a man who heard only cheers." The Phillies will honor the late, great David Montgomery on Friday. Here's what I wrote about him in 2019, with a new intro
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  • NL Postseason Odds: Giants >99.9% Dodgers 99.7% Brewers 98.7% Padres 81.6% Phillies 40.7% Braves 37.5% Mets 23.4% Reds 14.5% Nationals 1.9% Cardinals 1.0% Cubs 0.8% Marlins 0.2% Diamondbacks <0.1% Pirates <0.1% Rockies <0.1%
  • GAME DAY! @HTSS_Inc It's Princess & Unicorn Night at Coca-Cola Park! 👑 Join in on the fun and grab a 2021 Fester's Cap at the gate! Tickets:
  • RT @rickybottalico: Phillies Pregame Live with @MBarkannNBCS on @NBCSPhilly comes your way at 3:30 today....Phillies looking to sweep!!
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  • Phillies go for the 4-game sweep behind Aaron Nola.
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  • You wonder if the Phillies ever would have made it past the Astros in that epic 1980 NLCS if Richard had started one or two games in that series, or come out in relief in Game 5.
    Starting Pitcher Adjusted Strikeout Rate Leaders Since 1969 (K%+), 1000 IP min: Nolan Ryan 184 Randy Johnson 175 Pedro Martinez 167 JR RICHARD 167 (RIP) Kerry Wood 156
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  • RT @Paul_CasellaMLB: The Phillies today are going for their first 4-game road sweep since July 7-10, 2014 (vs. the Brewers). They haven't had a 4-game road sweep vs. a divisional opponent since May 15-17, 2009 (vs. Nationals).
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